Info-dump day

The title is scattered signal, not consistent rant-essay signal

Got taken up by the speed of life so I’m just gonna leave you with a bunch of things I’ve read/seen/felt these days, rants will wait for another day.

Of Flying Cars, the declining rate of profit by David Graeber

It’s always interesting to hear from people who lived through a visionary-utopian phase of fiction and futurism talking about the promises of both science-fiction and public discourse surrounding technology. All the lost hopes

I’ve never felt this certainty that the near-future would absolutely be filled with flying cars and emotional robots. As a kid my sci-fi was mostly about daydreaming, closer to fantasy than to prophecy or projection.

(I do feel like, in the article, there’s a bit of an exageration of the potential of the Academy as a place for misfits genius intellectuals; It’s always been part of a system for aggregating and classifying knowledge according to what will serve the state power and what won’t, deleuze, bourdieu and others were never the rule, always the exceptions. and event then, they were pretty useful to some bootboys.)

Overral a pretty good overview of the internal contradictions of capitalism, promising progress while restricting it; focusing on ideologically “pure” paths rather than saving the “economy”.


Do not neglect your alter-self’s alter destiny by Txgen


I don’t feel like I can add anything that wouldn’t just ruin this so pay me no mind and go read it. Also listen to something by Sun Ra that’s not just “space is the place” (tho that’s a great album/movie)


Been a while since I’ve seen folks talk about this (though it might just be echochamber noise cancellation), I need to check it out again and read all the gang all over again, Butler, Leguin, Lorde, Davis… hooks!

N S F W :

reminds me of Flying Lotus’ Kuso

Hear Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera talk

“What emerged was a grainy and uneven recording, with music playing in the background. The hissing sound of old leaky pipes can be heard as Rivera and Johnson discuss their personal lives, gender politics and gay liberation.”




short addendum to last week’s techwear rant :

anti-camo as a mark of power. Who gets to be visible will make that visibility into its own weapon at some point.


The inhabit newsletter finally dropped, cautiously optimistic about it, time will tell.


Finna talk about what solarpunk makes me feel at some point in the future(hint: too twee for my taste)


Someone wrote a story riffing on that transphobic meme, you should probably read the story and take some time away from the internet of hot takes and burning reactions before commenting on it. Just remember to doubt and to doubt your doubts.


Recent (painful) events reminded me of the fact of my body, I think about my old scars a bit more now and almost as much about the ones still sealing up I’d say.

There’s comfort in seeing your body change, in knowing things are moving at a pace you can parse through. Frustration always creeps in at things too slow to change and things too fast to leave but that’s the game. Just remember you don’t have to do this alone.

Until next time.

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