don't call it a goodbye

i was never here

A quick note : I don’t know if you can call it a hiatus if I don’t have a regular schedule to begin with but his specific newsletter is gonna have to pause for a while.

I’ve also been thinking again about leaving substack for buttondown, will keep you posted on that when it happens.

As always a lot of things are moving but this time I feel really ready to take them on.

This distraction will have to take the backseat.

One last info dump :

Annalee Newitz’s “Here's why Substack's scam worked so well

I was already thinking about leaving the platform when i lost the ability to modify my drafts for a good month and all of my mails to the support team ended up unanswered but I guess I can hold up more than one reason for leaving.

I’m not telling people(who aren’t writing on the platform) to do anything contra all of this, if you wanna keep reading by all means do it. I just don’t feel like having my ramblings here anymore.


Russell Maroon Shoatz’s The Dragon and the Hydra: A Historical Study of Organizational Methods

the ever persisting reticence from serious and red blooded marxists to take anarchism seriously or to acknowledge its theoretical and practical developments so much so that they feel the need to state they aren’t anarchists when describing organising models that aren’t firm party structure is embarassing to say the least.

To those, I simply say : you don’t have to call it anarchism, just call it complexity management.

Anyways, this is a text on organizational methods of numerous slave revolts-rebellions-riots-resistance movements from the early days of european imperialism up to the XXth century and after. Interesting how leaders as nodes rather than brains is how you get a command structure working viably and how centralised bodies and decentralised bodies plug into one another more efficiently when they don’t try to parasite each other’s aim.


Cerise Castle’s "A tradition of violence : the history of Deputy Gangs in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department"

A survey of affinitary groups and gangs produced by the culture of violence inherent and fundational to the Los Angeles Police Department.


Uncivilized Territories

Interview-podcast from a very interesting artist to another very interesting artist. I agree that comics is the best form but as far as I see it there’s no media for philosophy, it’s its own thing.


A Banger mix by the sublime Jordana Lesesne



Gabriel R’s Twitter is a mmorpg

An interesting perspective on something I’ve been thinking about.

Makes me wonder what an EVE online approach to twitter moderation would look like, in the sense that a true “economy of attention” approach can be derived rather than just having levers with “intensify” and “decrease” on the panel board of the twitter staff.


Michael Schrage's Kits and Revolutions

Getting Carson’s HIR vibes out of this.


Tim Maughan’s Moving the big boat didn’t magically solve the global economy

“It feels like a relief to be able to physically point at something and know that it’s wrong, or to be able to count the ships queuing up behind it and understand instantly why the system has ground to a halt.“

A deceptively simple observation: “after so much complexity finally something simple” ; that hides the more direct problem of our confusing awareness and agency.

We’re always in the process of doing things that exceed our reach and comprehension, we’re now going through phases of people realizing there’s a gap between the work they do and the actual consequences it has on the world, on the world they want to see, on the world as it will actually manifest.

To see a simple task is to see the endpoint of effort, even as a mark far away, you don’t have to think beyond the horizon of your expectations and comprehension, you can just walk up to the finish line. Now onto your next stage.

Be seeing you.

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